The Journal of Caribbean History: Volume 47, Issue 1

Article 3
A West Indian Lobbyist in England: The Campaign of Dr Hyacinth B. Morgan on behalf of the British West Indies, 1919–1955

Edward L. Cox


Often referred to in British circles as the Trinidad representative in the House of Commons because of the frequent questions he raised on matters relating to affairs in that colony, Grenadian-born Dr Hyacinth B. Morgan was an important figure in furthering West Indian interests from 1916 to his death in 1956. In both the House of Commons as well as in the British Medical Association, he worked tirelessly on behalf of the British Caribbean at a time when calls for decolonization were gaining traction in England. Because of the close relationship he maintained with a number of British Caribbean politicians like A.A. Cipriani of Trinidad and T.A. Marryshow of Grenada, this examination of his activities in London casts considerable light on his efforts on behalf of British West Indian political, social, and economic improvement in the first half of the twentieth century.