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Copyright is a property right which the law gives to creators of literary works (including scholarly and scientific papers and examination questions), dramatic, musical and artistic works, databases, photographs, computer programs, films, broadcasts, cable programmes and the typographic arrangement of published editions. For a work to enjoy copyright protection it must be original, in the sense that it should not be a mere copy of another work and, in addition, it must be recorded in a tangible form. Certain prescribed requirements must be satisfied relating to the nationality or habitual residence of the author or the place of first publication of the work. (UWI Intellectual Property Right Policy, 1998)


The University of the West Indies Press recognizes and respects the copyright and intellectual property rights of all rights holders. The UWI Press has more than 400 titles available for licensing. Prior written consent is required if you wish to reproduce any of our books. Our content is available to publishers globally for the following purposes:

  • Translations: purchase rights to translate our titles into other languages
  • Reprint rights: publish our content in your country or territory
  • Audio rights: license our content for audio recordings and broadcast
  • Film and TV rights: Transform our content into films or television programmes
  • Serial rights: publish extracts from our content in newspapers and magazines

For all other requests, please contact either of the undersigned:
The University of the West Indies Press
7a Gibraltar Hall Road, Kingston 7, Jamaica
Tel: (876) 977-2659/702-4082
Email: [email protected]

Jennifer Schaper, Rights Agent
JLS Literary Agency
[email protected]

All UWI Press authors of books, course packs, e readers are required to secure permissions for all third-party content included in their manuscript that have been accepted for print and/or digital publication.

Authors, editors and contributors of UWI Press book content have the following reuse rights and are not required to seek formal permission from us. However, the reuse of content must meet the following conditions:

  • the content for reuse is your own work and is published by UWI Press;
  • the purpose of the reuse is for scholarly publication by a not-for-profit publisher;
  • full acknowledgement is made of the original publication stating the specific material reused [pages, figure numbers, etc.], [Title] by/edited by [Author/editor], [year of publication], reproduced by permission of the University of the West Indies Press [including appropriate link to relevant subject matter and UWI Press website];
  • it is the responsibility of the authors to obtain permission from co-authors of joint-authored work to be reused;
  • the reuse on personal websites and institutional or subject-based repositories includes a link to the work as published on the UWI Press website or digital platform or online catalogue;
  • the content is not distributed under any type of open-access licence (e.g. Creative Commons) which may compromise the licence between the author and UWI Press

Requests to reuse content from the University of the West Indies Press are now being processed through Publishers Licensing Services Online Tool http://www.pls-permissions.com//publishers/ permissionsdirect.

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For permission to photocopy content published by the University of the West Indies Press for use in a class, please contact:

The General Manager
17 Ruthven Road (Building 1)
Kingston 10, Jamaica
(876) 920-9444/754-8910
Email: [email protected]