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Sheer Bliss

“We all know Jean Rhys. But now, out from under the shadow of her more famous contemporary, comes Eliot Bliss. Bliss: an early twentieth century, white creole, Jamaican, lesbian writer. Bliss: whose out-of-print 1931 novel Saraband Calderaro first stumbles across in a bookshop in New York in 1998. Bliss: the absent figure Calderaro pursues throughout this book. The scholar Michela Calderaro reads into the past to recover Bliss, a writer she reveals as ahead of her time and not fit for her time or place in the world. Calderaro delivers Bliss back to the present, through interviews conducted across many years with Bliss’s lifelong partner Patricia Allan-Burns, through the recollections of editors and friends painstakingly tracked down, through letters and diaries discovered and meticulously pored over and pieced together. Calderaro’s book is, like Bliss’s own novels as we come to learn, genre-defying. One part biography, one part criticism, one part memoir, one part detective story, Sheer Bliss carries us on the ‘treasure hunt’ Calderaro enacted over twenty years of research and personal devotion to solving a literary puzzle: Who exactly was Eliot Bliss and why were she and her work forgotten? Calderaro answers in luminous prose and what amounts to the most suspenseful excavation of a writer’s life and lost-then-recovered legacies I’ve yet encountered.”

—Shara McCallum, Professor of English, College of Liberal Arts, Penn State University

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Dancehall: A Reader on Jamaican Music and Culture edited by Sonjah Stanley Niaah

Dancehall is one of eight musical genres created in Jamaica and, in the past two decades, it has become one of the most influential Jamaican cultural exports since reggae. The impact of dancehall extends far beyond Jamaica and is evident in music genres (such as hip hop, trip hop, jungle, reggaeton, South African kwaito and Nigerian Afrobeats) and international fashion, film and dance.


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Caribbean Journal of Mixed Methods Research Volume 1 Issue 1


Editors:  Loraine D. Cook and Steve Weaver
Featured articles:
Why Integration? Why Now by Elizabeth G. Creamer, Professor EmeritaTransformation as a Goal of Mixed Methods Research in the Caribbean by Donna M. MertensCombining Mixed Methods and Case Study Research (MMþCSR) to give Mixed Methods Case Study Designs by Loraine D. Cook and Vimala Judy Kamalodeen and many more
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Interviewing the Caribbean Volume 6 Issue 1

Editor: Professor Opal Palmer Adisa

Words are Nails and the Poet Kamau Brathwaite is the Hammer by Professor Opal Palmer Adisa
Haiku for Kamau by E.Ethelbert Miller
A Traveling Soul by Gordon Rohlehr
Kamau’s Work Should Remain in the Caribbean by  Gordon Rohlehr

and much more….

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Achieving Excellence: Caribbean Soccer Coaching Manual by Roland Butcher

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