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One Thousand Eyes

Barbara Lalla

In One Thousand Eyes, a ragged troop of abandoned children fights to survive on a devastated Caribbean island. Eleven-year-old Myche marshals them out of the small sanctuary that is no longer safe, on a treacherous journey through destroyed cities and ravaged landscapes. In mountains and grottos, and in brackish wastelands of mangrove and floating grasses, the children face danger from the harsh environment and its inhabitants, as well as from intruders who hunt them ruthlessly. But a well-ordered and comfortable landing may pose the greatest threat of all.

A coming-of-age tale for readers of Caribbean fiction and world literature, speculative writing and eco-fiction, One Thousand Eyes, set amid the dark forces of a chillingly possible world, is ultimately about resilience, love, courage and the power of storytelling.


Rough Riding

Tanya Stephens and the Power of Music to Transform Society

Edited by Adwoa Ntozake OnuoraAnna Kasafi Perkins and Ajamu Nangwaya

Rough Riding: Tanya Stephens and the Power of Music to Transform Society is a groundbreaking collection of articles that explore the contribution of the cultural worker, feminist organic intellectual, and controversial reggae and dancehall artiste Tanya Stephens. An accomplished lyricist on par with the genre’s celebrated male performers, Stephens has been producing socially conscious and transformative music that is associated with revolutionary reggae music of the 1970s and 1980s. The contributors to this anthology – a diverse group of scholars, activists and reggae professionals – explore the range of ideas and issues raised in Stephens’s extensive body of work and examine the important role cultural workers play in inspiring shifts in consciousness and, ultimately, the social order.


Journal of Law, Governance and Society
Volume 4
Evolution of the Law: Paving the Road to Development
Edited by Dr. Shazeeda Ali


  • The Right to Development: “The Alpha and Omega of Rights” by Ramona Biholar
  • Stepped in Blood: Violence and Its Impact on the Criminal Justice System in Jamaica by Jeremy Taylor
  • The Protection and Role of Victims in a Criminal Trial: Lessons Learned from the International Criminal Courts by Holly Scott-Mason

and so much more.

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The UWI Quality Education Forum
Open Access Journal
Volume 25

This volume features:

  • FIRST PERSON: COVID-19 and the “New” University Reality by Eldon V. Birthwright
  • Evaluation of Emergency Remote Teaching and Learning in the MBBS Programme, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Mona – Students’ Perspectives by Russell Pierre, Helen Trotman, and Andrea Garbutt
  • Exploring Strategies for Assuring the Integrity of Remote Online Assessments by Ricardo Anderson

and many more

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