Re-Visioning Change: Case Studies of Curriculum in School Systems in the Commonwealth Caribbean

by Zellynne Jennings

The author proposes ten drivers for change to guide future action and eight challenges for ‘doing change differently’. As a source of information for teachers, principals, education planners and other stakeholders involved in curriculum change, this book is invaluable.


The Blackest Thing in Slavery Was Not the Black Man: The Last Testament of Eric Williams

Edited by Brinsley Samaroo

The Blackest Thing in Slavery makes a significant contribution in that it moves beyond African slavery. It continues the narrative after abolition by showing how the capitalist impulse enabled Europe and the United States to devise other (non-slavery) ways of further exploiting of non-African people in developing countries. These nations fought this further exploitation in banding together to create the south-to-south nonaligned movement, which gave mutual assistance in a number of areas. Most other works tend to separate these issues or deal with them on a regional basis. Eric Williams offers a comprehensive view, tying together many themes in a vast compendium.

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Interviewing the Caribbean Volume 7 Issue 2

“Nuff Jamaican Music Special Issue”

Editor: Professor Opal Palmer Adisa


  • Simply Myrna: The First Lady of Jamaican Jazz by Lisa Tomlinson
  • Big Youth: Tell the Youth Them How Fi Change by Opal Palmer Adisa
  • Minister “Babsy” Grange: Always Intrigued by Our Jamaican Culture by Opal Palmer Adisa

and much more.

Journal of Caribbean history
Volume 56 Issue 1

Editor: Professor Kathleen E. A. Monteith


  • The Connections Between Grenada and Trinidad in the Age of Fedon 1783–1797 by Kit Candlin
  • “The Greatest Attributes of Freedom”: Water, Kinship, and the Village Movement in Colonial Guyana by Catherine Peters
  • Social Exclusion and the Entanglement of State, Religion and Civil Society in Mid-Twentieth Century Curaçao by Margo Groenewoud

and much more.

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Caribbean Journal of Criminology


This feature includes:

  • Farewell from previous editor, Dr. Anthony Harriott
  • Confronting Silences Haunting Guyana’s Juvenile Justice System
  • Cut and Paste Policing? An Assessment of Compstat’s Importation
    and Implementation in a Developing Country
  • Interrupting Gang Violence in Urban Trinidad through Conflict

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