Representing Blackness
The Marcus Mosiah Garvey Multimedia Museum
by Donna E. McFarlane

Edited by A. Lynn Bolles
Through the energetic and gifted abilities of Dr McFarlane, Representing Blackness provides the ideological framework as to why there is value of these kinds of programs in museum settings. Further, McFarlane is adamant that Garvey must be included in curriculum resources for all Jamaican schools. Garvey’s philosophy and opinions inspire, excite, and positively affect the self-identity of Jamaican people, while creating social and economic wealth. Representing Blackness rich in analysis and imagery shows Liberty Hall as the cultural and educational institution that is a living monument to Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

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Contact Languages and Music

Editors: Andrea HollingtonJoseph T. Farquharson and Byron M. Jones Jr.

Language and music are connected in many ways. As social and cultural practices, they have been intertwined in multiple ways. Musical and linguistic practices are often intertwined to express distinct and complex identities, attitudes, ideologies, social roles and political views. This volume is the first book-length account of contact languages and music. It offers a stimulating collection of contributions on different territories, multiple musical genres and topics, and various methodological approaches. The chapters address myriad topics such as nationality, ethnicity, identity, gender, migration and diaspora.

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Interviewing the Caribbean Volume 7 Issue 2

“Nuff Jamaican Music Special Issue”

Editor: Professor Opal Palmer Adisa


  • Simply Myrna: The First Lady of Jamaican Jazz by Lisa Tomlinson
  • Big Youth: Tell the Youth Them How Fi Change by Opal Palmer Adisa
  • Minister “Babsy” Grange: Always Intrigued by Our Jamaican Culture by Opal Palmer Adisa

and much more.

Journal of Caribbean history
Volume 56 Issue 2

Editor: Professor Kathleen E. A. Monteith


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Caribbean Journal of Psychology
Volume 14 Issue 1

This feature includes:

  • Recollections of Childhood Parentification, Current Caretaking Roles, and Acculturation in Jamaican-American Adults
  • An Assessment of Gender Role Conflict Among African Caribbean Men in the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Factors of Self-Regulation and Substance use among Jamaican Adolescents: Does the Quality of Parent-Child Relationship Play a Role?

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