The Barbados Community College Experience: Leading the Anglophone Caribbean in a Global Movement by Vivienne Roberts

The Barbados Community College Experience establishes the genesis of the college and the ongoing impact of globalization and educational borrowing. It examines the North American community college’s influence on the Caribbean pool, the global community college movement and its emerging global counterparts. By deriving five models of development in the region, Vivienne Roberts opens a new window to the community college experience in the anglophone Caribbean by bringing to the fore the reality of more than twenty relevant institutions.

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Political Communication Strategies in Post-Independence Jamaica, 1972-2006 by Floyd E. Morris

In Political Communication Strategies in Post-independence Jamaica, 1972–2006, Floyd E. Morris analyses some of the factors that contribute to apathy among citizens towards the political process by focusing on the communication strategies used by leaders and their administrations.


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Achieving Excellence Caribbean Soccer Coaching Manual By Roland Butcher

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Interviewing the Caribbean Vol. 5, No. 2

Co-Editors — Opal Palmer Adisa / Juleus Ghunta
Creative Director — Steve Jones from www.plantainstudio.com

Associate Editors — Camille Alexander, Sharon E Lake

Copy Editors — Ute Kelly, Daisy Holder Lafond

Summer Edward
Michael Abrahams, Tanya Batson-Savage, Trish Cooke, Joanne C. Hillhouse, Kei Miller, Elpedio Robinson, Olive Senior, Tanya Shirley, Yvonne Weekes + more
Cover artwork by: Cherise Harris
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Journal of Caribbean History Volume 54 Issue 1

Editor: Dr. Kathleen E. A. Monteith
Review Editor: Jerome Teelucksingh

Re-Contextualizing Mortality Rates and Population Trends of Enslaved Africans in Antigua by Christopher K. Waters
The Rev. E. Ethelred Brown and the Harlem Renaissance, 1920–2020 by Joyce Moore Turner
and much more….

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A New Book on Plantation Coffee in Jamaica, 1790-1848

Read the interview https://www.aaihs.org/a-new-book-on-plantation-coffee-in-jamaica-1790-1848/

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The UWI launches PJ Patterson Centre for Africa-Caribbean Advocacy

Former Prime Minister is Statesman in Residence For further information,...

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Dancehall: A Reader on Jamaican Music and Culture Edited by Sonjah Stanley Niaah

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Achieving Excellence: Caribbean Soccer Coaching Manual by Roland Butcher

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