Caribbean Journal of Psychology: Vol. 5, Issue 1, 2013

Article 4
The Relationship between Social Status and Attitudes towards Abortion

Giselle Kaye Patrick
University of Saskatchewan


The present study investigated the relationship between social status and attitudes towards abortion in areas of Jamaica (N = 214 participants). Social status was operationalized as three different variables: social class status, the status of being a woman and religious commitment. Social class status was measured using a self-report measure as well as three objective measures: income, education and occupation. Attitudes were measured using the Abortion Attitudes Questionnaire (Esposito & Basow, 1995). Self-reported social class status had a positive relationship with attitudes towards abortion (r = .14). Education showed a positive weak correlation with attitudes towards abortion (r = .11). A significant positive relationship was found between attitudes towards women and attitudes towards abortion (r = .28). There was a significant negative relationship between religious commitment and attitudes towards abortion (r = -.23). The relationship found with attitudes towards women and religious commitment and attitudes towards abortion has been observed in several previous studies. The findings in this study suggest that attitudes towards abortion are a complex construct and should be investigated further.