Caribbean Journal of Psychology: Volume 7, Issue 1, 2015

Article 1
Characteristics of Type A Behaviour of Adults in Jamaica: A Study on the Influence of Demographic and Business Factors Stimulus Pull in Rorschach Inkblots

Albert A. Williams
H. Nathan Charles
Bahaudin G. Mujtaba
Nova Southeastern University

Ingrid Blair
Northern Caribbean University


Individuals with Type A personalities tend to experience stress more often and, at times, cause others to feel stressed as well. Limited research has been done on personality types in Caribbean countries. The current study examined the impact of selected demographic and business variables on the stress behaviours associated with Type A personalities of a sample of Jamaicans in Jamaica. Type A behavioural characteristics examined in the study were: argumentative, job-oriented, competitive, self-centered, unbalanced lifestyle, hyperactive, self-confident, and workaholic. A questionnaire was administered to a convenience sample of 149 adult participants. The study revealed that the demographic variables, age, gender, experience, education, work status, job position, religion, marital status, and number of children, were significantly correlated with Type A characteristics of Jamaicans. In addition, the business variables, number of employees at the workplace and type of business, were significantly related to Type A characteristics of Jamaicans. Managers from both public and private sectors in Jamaica may find the results useful in: 1) identifying employees with Type A personalities, 2) addressing their stress level concerns (training, etc.), 3) making them more productive, and 4) improving their chances of not being terminated prematurely.