C.L.R. James and the 21st Century Caribbean
by Tennyson S. D. Joseph

The book brings the ideas of C.L.R. James to a new generation of Caribbean and global readers and is a useful resource to all students, teachers, and activists interested in Caribbean politics, political ideas, and radical political theory.

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A Caribbean Poetics of Spirit
by Hannah Regis

A Caribbean Poetics of Spirit offers a rare and penetrative exploration into Caribbean literary articulations of non-material and numinous presences.

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By Such a Parting Light
A Novel
by Barbara Lalla

A must for all readers of Caribbean and island literature – for readers with a taste for realism that blends seamlessly into strains of the marvelous and gothic – the novel’s themes of loss and separation, love and resilience, are universally appealing.

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Sounds Of Advocacy, Language And Liberation
Papers in Honour of Hubert Devonish
Edited by Clive Forrester and Nickesha Dawkins

More than just a collection of academic contributions, Sounds of Advocacy serves as a tribute to Professor Devonish’s dedication to intellectual inquiry, social justice, and the advancement of Caribbean languages and cultures.


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Caribbean Quarterly Volume 69 Issue 1


Editor: Kim Robinson-Walcott, PhD


  • The Cunny Louise Bennett: Values and Craft by Mervyn Morris
  • Praise Song for Rohlehr: A Compilation of Tributes by Paula Morgan
  • “If You Don’t Make Money, Then You Don’t Make Sense”: Representing Legacies of Wealth in Recent Jamaican Dancehall Music by Nicole A. Plummer and Erin C. MacLeod

and much more.

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Achieving Excellence: Caribbean Soccer Coaching Manual by Roland Butcher

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