Development and Diplomacy
Resetting Caribbean Policy Analysis in the Aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Edited Winston Dookeran and M. Raymond Izarali

In the wake of pervasive global challenges exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Caribbean stands at a critical point in its economic development. Development and Diplomacy: Resetting Caribbean Policy Analysis in the Aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic is an illuminating exploration of the region’s need to recalibrate and reshape its developmental policy strategy.

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Representing Blackness
The Marcus Mosiah Garvey Multimedia Museum
by Donna E. McFarlane

Edited by A. Lynn Bolles
Through the energetic and gifted abilities of Dr McFarlane, Representing Blackness provides the ideological framework as to why there is value of these kinds of programs in museum settings. Further, McFarlane is adamant that Garvey must be included in curriculum resources for all Jamaican schools. Garvey’s philosophy and opinions inspire, excite, and positively affect the self-identity of Jamaican people, while creating social and economic wealth. Representing Blackness rich in analysis and imagery shows Liberty Hall as the cultural and educational institution that is a living monument to Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

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Representing an Afro-Jamaican Identity
by Maria A. Robinson-Smith

Maria A. Robinson-Smith presents an overview and genealogy of Revivalism in this work. She explores the role of the Revival iconography in building a culture of shared understanding among Revivalists and, by extension, African Jamaicans. The Watt Town setting, with bands coming together from communities all over Jamaica, engaging in the same practices, is a symbolic homeland where people celebrate their Africanness and sustain the collective memory of Revivalists.

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Caribbean Quarterly Volume 69 Issue 1


Editor: Kim Robinson-Walcott, PhD


  • The Cunny Louise Bennett: Values and Craft by Mervyn Morris
  • Praise Song for Rohlehr: A Compilation of Tributes by Paula Morgan
  • “If You Don’t Make Money, Then You Don’t Make Sense”: Representing Legacies of Wealth in Recent Jamaican Dancehall Music by Nicole A. Plummer and Erin C. MacLeod

and much more.

Caribbean Journal of Psychology
Volume 14 Issue 2

This feature includes:

  • To What Extent is Parental Involvement Associated with School-Based Adolescent Delinquency in Jamaica?
  • The Prevalence, Contexts, and Impact of Children’s Exposure to Domestic Violence in Jamaica
  • Abuse, Racial, Religious and Cultural Interferences Experienced by Neurodivergent Children and Children with Other Additional Needs in Guyana

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