Language, Culture and Caribbean Identity

Jeannette Allsopp, John R. Rickford (eds.)

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2204pp 6 x 9



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This timely and insightful publication, thought-provoking and highly educational, is dedicated to the memory of outstanding Caribbean linguist, Richard Allsopp. The contributors, many of them leading authorities on language variation in the Caribbean, explore various aspects of language, culture and identity in the region, focusing on themes that engaged Allsopp in his lifetime: Creole linguistics, Caribbean lexicography, language in folklore and religion, literature, music and dance, and language issues in Caribbean schools.

“This landmark tribute to the Caribbean’s pioneering lexicographer brings together contributions that span the encyclopaedic interests that Richard Allsopp would have pursued in his journey through Caribbean English usage. The volume is at once provocative and informative – an excellent read for both the specialist linguistic scholar and the curious layman.” —Lawrence D. Carrington, Emeritus Professor of Creole Linguistics, University of the West Indies

“This anthology offers a refreshing and novel look at the linguistic and cultural practices of Caribbean societies, from the perspective of leading Caribbean scholars. Its coverage ranges from linguistic analysis, to lexicography, to folklore and religion, the arts and literature, and issues of language policy in education. Every contribution provides fresh insights, and together they constitute a treasure trove of new scholarship that celebrates the great legacy of the Caribbeanist par excellence, Richard Allsopp. The book will be compulsory reading for all students of the Caribbean.” —Donald Winford, Professor of Linguistics, Ohio State University, and Editor, Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages

Contributors: Mervyn C. Alleyne, Jeannette Allsopp, Karen Carpenter, Pauline Christie, Hubert Devonish, Walter F. Edwards, Kean Gibson, Alim Hosein, Martha F. Isaac, Velma Pollard, John R. Rickford, Ian E. Robertson, Hazel Simmons-McDonald, John Simpson, Claudith Thompson, Lise Winer, Hélène Zamor

Jeannette Allsopp is Director of the Centre for Caribbean Lexicography and Lecturer in Caribbean lexicography and linguistics, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados.

John R. Rickford is J.E. Wallace Sterling Professor of Linguistics and the Humanities, Courtesy Professor in Education, and Pritzker Fellow in Undergraduate Studies, Stanford University, Stanford, California.