Caribbean Journal of Psychology: Vol. 10, Issue 2, 2018

Article 6
Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Assessment Development in Bahamian Secondary Education

Niambi F. Hall Campbell‐Dean
University of The Bahamas, New Providence

Eric Mayes
Johns Hopkins University, Maryland


Culturally relevant pedagogy (CRP) has been extensively researched in an American context yet measures for its application in The Bahamas and Caribbean region are virtually non-existent. The goals of this sequential mixed-methods study were to determine definitions of culturally relevant pedagogy in The Bahamas, use these definitions to develop a measure of the construct for Bahamian secondary education teachers and administrators and finally compare these measures to the original American constructions of CRP. Through qualitative analysis, Bahamian culturally relevant edagogy was clearly defined, validated and used to construct the Bahamian Teaching Self-Efficacy and the Bahamian Teaching Outcome Expectancy indicators while the results of the American measures of CRP demonstrated limited viability in a Bahamian population. Implications for the region and Bahamian models of education are discussed.