April 2021

The Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) invites you to become part of this exciting and historical project to launch a peer-reviewed scholarly journal for our association in its 45th anniversary. We have been working diligently in setting up the processes and the infrastructure to support the work of our multilingual Editorial Team (Papiamento, Dutch, French, Spanish, and English). We now would like to tap into our global community of scholars to support the Editorial Team in any of the following roles that need immediate attention:

  • PEER REVIEWERS (for the five languages) à External subject-matter expert scholars (depth of knowledge in one or more subfields under the Caribbean Studies realm: be it humanities, social sciences, critical studies, etc.) to check contents (for factual errors, contradictions, and inconsistencies) and scholarly value of text in the double-blind peer review process
  • COPY EDITORS (mostly for the English language) à Scholars with focus on correcting the language of the text (grammar, spelling, capitalization, punctuation, continuity, sentence structure, paragraph lengths, word choices, missed words, compliance with style guide…) once accepted for publication, following the desk review, the double-blind peer review, and the final review by the Editor in Chief or (Guest Editor)
  • DESK EDITORS (for the English language) à Scholars with broad knowledge in Caribbean Studies and a specific journal language who pursue a general assessment of submissions (looking at general compliance with (a) guidelines, (b) the scope of the journal and the specific issue, and (c) the clarity of the presentation – accessible language, conciseness, level of engagement) to determine whether to pass them on to external peer reviewers, manage the feedback from reviewers, and prepare communications with decisions and feedback for the authors
  • BOOK REVIEW EDITORS (for the English language) à Scholars that manage evaluation process for the review of books
  • ARTS REVIEW EDITORS (for the English language) à Scholars that manage evaluation process for the review of arts exhibitions
  • TRANSLATORS (for the five languages) à Scholars that pursue translation of abstracts once submissions are approved for publication and translation of other journal documents (for example, calls for papers and author guidelines)
  • MENTORS (for the five languages) à Scholars who advice authors of rejected submissions and potential authors outside the official review process

Those scholars with immediate availability may reach us at the following email: [email protected]

Publisher: The University of the West Indies Press