The Journal of Caribbean History: Volume 50, Issue 1

Article 3
Trinidad and Morant Bay

Bridget Brereton


The news of the Morant Bay Rebellion naturally excited considerable interest and apprehension among Trinidad’s upper and middle strata, and the island’s newspapers fully covered the events and their aftermath from late 1865 and all through 1866; but the governor believed there was no likelihood of a similar event in his colony. This article examines the responses to Morant Bay of the governors who served in the 1865–1869 period, and of the island’s elites, especially the planters. It then analyses the local newspaper coverage of the events in Jamaica in 1865–1866 (and related events in Britain). Finally, it considers some of the factors which did, in fact, make a major uprising by Trinidad’s African-descended population, comparable to Morant Bay, less likely than in Jamaica.