The Journal of Caribbean History: Volume 43, Issue 2

Article 1
Resistance to Enslavement and Oppression in Trinidad, 1802–1849

Bridget Brereton


This article examines resistance by the enslaved and newly freed people of
Trinidad between 1802 and 1849. Though there was no major slave rising, marronage was endemic right up to the 1830s, and in 1805 the discovery of an abortive “plot” by enslaved people of western Trinidad revealed some of the dimensions of cultural and ideological resistance on their part. The crucial years 1823 to 1825 and 1832 to 1834 are examined in order to tease out evidence of resistance and of planter attitudes to unrest by their labour force. Finally, the analysis is extended past Emancipation to consider the meaning and significance of the riots in Port of Spain in 1849.