The Journal of Caribbean History: Volume 36, Issue 1

Article 3
“Race Men”: The Pan-African Struggles of William Galwey Donovan and Theophilus Albert Marryshow for Political Change on Grenada, 1884-1925

Edward L. Cox


Studies of political change on Grenada have in variably centred on the activities of T. Albert Marryshow in the period immediately after World War I. Drawing on the rich data available from contemporary newspapers, this paper argues that Donovan’s efforts in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries provided the impetus and framework for Marryshow’s later struggles. In fact, Marryshow himself admits Donovan’s contributions to his political growth. The “first of the Federalists”, Donovan preached federation long before the concept was fashionable. Embracing a broad approach to the island’s situation, both activists linked local demands for change to the plight of Africans worldwide.