AUPresses 2023 Annual Meeting | Publishing Sustainably: Working Toward Net Zero



A panel discussion on environmental sustainability practices within the publishing industry, pitched at a level so as to remain accessible to those coming to the topic relatively anew. Panellists will reflect on their work this area, sharing approaches, progress, challenges, and offering practical advice for tackling the types of issues involved. They include three representatives from university presses based in Europe and North America as well as the Founder and Chief Knowledge Officer of Zero Carbon Academy, one of the UK’s leading sustainability experts, which recently teamed up with the Independent Publishers Guild to produce their Zero Carbon Toolkit. The panel will explore such questions as, how do presses determine their environmental impact? What can presses do to minimise their negative impact and maximise sustainability to address current and future climate change? What specific editorial, design and production processes can make the most difference? How do we assess the environmental impact of digital products? A key aim will be to add impetus to an urgent conversation by sharing examples of best practice and experience from across the publishing industry.


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