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Perspectives on Caribbean Law: A Compendium of Legal Essays by Shazeeda Ali and Stephen Vasciannie


Description: Perspectives on Caribbean Law celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the Faculty of Law at the University of the West Indies with an expertly curated anthology, featuring twelve insightful chapters that explore the broad scope of legal scholarship in the Caribbean. Authored by a mix of emerging and established academics who have been part of MonaLaw at various stages of its evolution, these essays provide a comprehensive view of national, regional and international challenges, contributing significantly to the academic discourse surrounding Caribbean law.

This peer-reviewed collection delves into a diverse range of topics such as corporate law, tort law, international law, family law and ethics. Specifically, it explores fundamental Caribbean legal issues, including: CARICOM, the use of Creole in the justice system, tourism liability, sports fairness and aspects of corporate governance, such as directors’ duties. It further explores defamation, child law on medical consent, the Caribbean appellate court system, jurisdictional challenges concerning the Shiprider Agreement and ethics in the legal profession.

Not only does this anthology honour the legacy of the Faculty of Law, particularly on the Mona campus, but it also serves as an essential contribution to Caribbean legal scholarship by advancing the region’s understanding and development of law. Thus, Perspectives on Caribbean Law is a crucial resource for libraries and everyone involved in Commonwealth Caribbean law and legal education.


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