Caribbean Journal of Psychology: Vol. 3, Issue 1, 2010

Article 3
An Examination of Gender Differences in Characteristics of Barbadian Adolescents’ Same-sex Friendships

Donna-Maria B. Maynard
Roberta F. Springer-Proverbs
University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus


This study examines gender differences in characteristics of same-sex adolescent friendships in a sample of Barbadian students. One hundred and eleven male and female adolescents between the ages of 13 and 18 completed self-report questionnaires about their same-sex friendships. The aim of the research was to examine, in a Caribbean context, three factors: warmth/closeness, exclusivity and conflict that have emerged from prior research on adolescent friendships. It was hypothesized that girls would rate their friendships higher in warmth/closeness and exclusivity than boys and that boys would rate their friendships higher in conflict. Results show that female same-sex friendships were significantly higher in warmth/closeness and exclusivity than the boys’ friendships, while there was no significant gender difference found for conflict. Findings are discussed and potential areas of further study are proposed.