Caribbean Journal of Mixed Methods Research

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Volume 1, Issue 1
Article 1:
Why Integration? Why Now
Article 2:
Transformation as a Goal of Mixed Methods Research in the Caribbean
Article 3:
Confronting Complex Problems with Adaptive Mixed Methods Research Practices
Article 4:
Combining Mixed Methods and Case Study Research (MMþCSR) to Give Mixed Methods Case Study Designs
Article 5:
An Explanation of Students’ Cognitive and Social Skills at the Early Childhood Level: The Influence of Family Involvement
Article 6:
Tourism and Hospitality Internships in Barbados: Students‘ Perspectives
Article 7:
Understanding the Ecologies of Education Reforms: Comparing the Perceptions of Secondary Teachers and Students in Jamaica, Guyana, and Trinidad and Tobago
Article 8:
Mixed Methods Research: Exploring Its Complexities and Challenges