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Caribbean Quarterly Volume 68 Issue 3

Edited by Kim Robinson-Walcott, PhD

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This article examines the queer narratives in Dominican author and singer-songwriter Rita Indiana’s acclaimed La mucama de Omicunlé (2015, Tentacle [2018]) and Hecho en Saturno (2018, Made in Saturn [2020]). It reads these novels in conjunction with theories of queer time and space, heterocoloniality and nonnormative sexuality, and Afrodiasporic spiritualities in the Caribbean to explore Rita Indiana’s representation and subversion of hegemonic masculinity and heteronormativity in the Dominican Republic and the wider region. Drawing on work by Jack Halberstam, Christina Sharpe, Kara Keeling, and Paul B. Preciado, among others, it focuses on Rita Indiana’s use of fluid time and bodies, religious and spiritual practice, and the trope of Francisco Goya’s Saturno devorando a su hijo (Saturn devouring his son) to interrogate notions of gender and sexual identity, colonial temporality, failure, and queer futurity.