Caribbean Journal of Psychology: Abstracts

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Volume 9, Article 5:
Migration and Intercultural Relations in the Caribbean Region
Volume 9, Article 4:
Our Throw Away Children: Extending and Developing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Interventions for High-Risk Populations in the Caribbean
Volume 9, Article 3:
The Dougla Identity in Trinidad
Volume 9, Article 2:
Moderating Role of Neighbourhood Factors on the Associations between Parenting Practices and Children’s Early Language Skills in Trinidad and Tobago
Volume 9, Article 1:
Corporal Punishment and Physical Discipline in the Caribbean: Human rights and cultural practices

Volume 8, Article 3:
Compliance with Dance Video Gaming: Facilitating and Inhibiting Factors among Jamaican University Students
Volume 8, Article 2:
Self-Esteem and Procrastination in University Students in Barbados
Volume 8, Article 1:
Belizean Teachers’ Perspectives: Preventive Psycho-Education to Promote Pro-Social Behaviours and Positive Relationships

Volume 7, Article 4:
The Susceptibility to Online Peer Influence – Sexual Risk Scale: Preliminary Evidence of Validity
Volume 7, Article 3:
Family, Food, and Culture: Mothers’ Perspectives on Americanization in Jamaica
Volume 7, Article 2:
Sources and Influence of Mathematics Self-Efficacy in Jamaican College Students
Volume 7, Article 1:
Characteristics of Type A Behaviour of Adults in Jamaica: A Study on the Influence of Demographic and Business Factors

Volume 1, Article 4:
The Validity of the Multidimensional Scales of Perceived Self Efficacy in Jamaica

Volume 1, Article 3:
 A Climate of Punishment in Jamaican Classrooms: Attitudes, Beliefs and Use of Disciplinary Practices by Educators
Volume 1, Article 2:
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Aggression in Jamaican Students
Volume 1, Article 1:
Stimulus Pull in Rorschach Inkblots