Hannah Regis Interview | CNC3 Television

In this interview, we learn more about Dr Hannah Regis as she speaks about the obstacles she has overcome to be where she is at now.

Dr Hannah Regis is the author of the book, “A Caribbean Poetics of Spirirt”. This book offers a rare and penetrative exploration into Caribbean literary articulations of non-material and numinous presences as Regis links the haunting spectrality of the Middle Passage with the lingering trauma and violence of the plantation order. Regis combines diverse theoretical perspectives from a range of scholars working within the traditions of postmemory, cultural memory, spirituality and Caribbean philosophy to formulate a crucial counter-archival history throughwhich the voices of the oppressed find articulation and belonging while indexing a repository of cultural, psychological and affective expressions that are linked to the unfinished business of history.

A copy of her book may be purchased at bit.ly/3Vh7aDj.

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