The UWI Quality Education Forum (QEF) is an annual peer-reviewed journal published by The University of the West Indies, Office of the Board for Undergraduate Studies (OBUS). With a view to enhancing the delivery of higher education, the QEF provides a platform for scholars, educational practitioners, administrators and students, within and outside of the Caribbean, to disseminate knowledge and ideas related to teaching and learning, administration and other support systems and practices. Submissions of academic papers and research reports, case studies and book reviews as well as the outcome of original research and rigorous analyses are invited.

THEME: Faculty Development: Teaching and Learning Excellence in Higher Education

Faculty development (also known as educational development or academic development) has been a key feature of the higher education landscape since the 1970s. In fact, since the 1970s, many colleges and universities have introduced faculty development centres or teaching and learning centres in a bid to improve the pedagogical skills of faculty, and to improve the quality of teaching and learning. What is the state of this project in our region and internationally?

Furthermore, it has been noted that faculty development initiatives, especially those within teaching and learning centres, have been connected to quality teaching and learning in higher education. This was one of the major factors informing the decision of The University of the West Indies in September 1992 to establish the first teaching and learning centre in the Anglophone Caribbean on the Mona Campus.

This year, the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) marks its 30th anniversary. Since its establishment, the field of educational development and teaching and learning has seen many advances in scholarly teaching, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Aligned with this development has been the application of the learning sciences to teaching, understanding metacognitive processes in learning, and generally recognising the importance of evidence-based practice in teaching and learning. This edition of The UWI Quality Education Forum further attests to the fact that quality teaching matters.

The twenty-seventh issue of The UWI Quality Education Forum invites academic essays and research reports on faculty development and teaching and learning in higher education with focus on excellence. Abstracts are invited which address, but are not limited to the following areas:

  • Faculty Development/Educational Development in the Caribbean: Retrospect and Prospect.
  • Trends in Faculty Development and its role in improving the quality of teaching and learning in higher education.
  • The role of Inclusive Education in teaching excellence
  • Promoting consistent and quality Faculty Development in the disciplines.
  • Professionalising teaching and learning in higher education.
  • Perspectives on teaching excellence and excellent teaching.
  • Teaching excellence and the transformation of society.
  • Measuring teaching excellence.
  • Excellence in university academic staff evaluation: A problematic reality?
  • The role of libraries and other campus resources in promoting faculty development and excellence in teaching.

Abstracts should not exceed 500 words.

All abstracts must be submitted via email to [email protected] in the form of an attached Microsoft Word document (.docx).

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is November 14, 2022.

No abstracts will be accepted subsequent to this date.

Any questions or queries may be directed to [email protected].