Caribbean Writers on Teaching Literature

Caribbean Writers on Teaching Literature

by Lorna Down and Thelma Baker

Contributions by Thelma Baker, Edward Baugh, Victor Chang, Carolyn Cooper, Norval Edwards, Brian Heap, Kelly Baker Josephs, Mark McWatt, Mervyn Morris, Sharon Phillips, Velma Pollard, Sandra Robinson, Samuel Soyer, Aisha Spencer, Maureen Warner-Lewis, David Williams and Ann-Marie Wilmot

240 Pages, 6.00 x 9.00 in

  • Paperback
  • 9789766407384
  • Published: February 2020



Spanning three generations of teacher-writers, Caribbean Writers on Teaching Literature speaks to the emergence of a distinct body of teaching styles, approaches, methods and philosophy for teaching literature. Each generation enriched by the others has extended the field of literature teaching.

With its collection of eighteen interviews and its insightful theoretical discussions on creative ways of teaching literature, Caribbean Writers on Teaching Literature is an innovative and significant text on the pedagogy of literature. Grounded in the practice of teacher-writers in lecture rooms and classrooms this text has much to offer every teacher of literature. All the interviewees are teachers and writers. They bring to the field of teaching literature the perspective of the literary insider as well as the teacher. Passionate about literature, these teacher-writers highlight literature’s value and necessity for enriching the quality of life in our societies.

The text embodies the experience of teaching literature. Each interviewee recalls what it is like to create interesting and meaningful experiences with literary texts within the larger context and understanding of the purpose of literature. Reflecting on memorable as well as challenging experiences in teaching, these teacher-writers uncover unique pathways for engaging students in the study of literature.