Global Change and the Caribbean

Global Change and the Caribbean

Adaptation and Resilience

Edited by David Barker, Duncan F.M. McGregor, Kevon Rhiney and Thera Edwards

260 Pages, 6.00 x 9.00 x 0.00 in

  • Paperback
  • 9789766406004
  • Published: November 2016



This is the fifth in a series of volumes published by UWI Press exploring how geographical and cognate research is being applied to address key environmental problems in the Caribbean region. Global Change and the Caribbean highlights how current research is addressing the consequences of change, forced by global warming and climate change, and driven by globalization and population growth. The book takes forward issues of regional and community vulnerability, and focuses on the search for solutions in terms of adaptation, resilience and societal transformation.

The question of transformation is debated by authors and the editors in drawing together the prospects for regional and community resilience. The chapters are presented as a series of original, empirical research contributions which have the common theme of the search for development strategies that focus on social and economic needs of the people without further deterioration of the region’s fragile environmental resource base.

The book will be essential reading at first-degree and master’s levels in institutions with Caribbean-focused courses relating to geography, and in multidisciplinary areas such as development studies, social studies, environmental management, planning and resource management. The approaches and case studies presented here will be of significant interest to regional planners, resource management specialists and public sector officials.