Plant Disease

Plant Disease

The Jamaican Experience

by Phyllis Coates-Beckford and Paula Tennant

628 Pages, 7.00 x 10.00 x 0.00 in

  • Paperback
  • 9789766404130
  • Published: November 2013



Interesting studies of plant diseases in Jamaica have been conducted since the early twentieth century. This book gives an account of the history and development of the science of plant pathology and of plant disease control in Jamaica and shows how the activities have contributed to the development of the island’s agricultural heritage. Coates-Beckford and Tennant draw together and integrate a wide range of material to provide a unique insight into how the major plant diseases in Jamaica have been, and still are being, overcome.

The existing literature on tropical plant diseases is by no means extensive. While there are some up-to-date texts which give details of the diseases (and pests) of individual crops or pathogen groups, none of these give historical accounts of the overall background information on some of the main problems covered in this work.

Three main sections deal separately with tree, field and plantation crops; shrubs and herbaceous crops; and the legal framework for plant disease control. For each crop discussed, its history in Jamaica is given, as well as the history, biology and management of the diseases. Coates-Beckford and Tennant have produced a significant and novel contribution to the literature on tropical plant pathology. This richly illustrated book is an essential reference for biologists, tropical agriculturalists and policymakers in the region.