The Economics of Development in Small Countries

The Economics of Development in Small Countries

With Special Reference to the Caribbean

by William G. Demas

176 pages

  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9789766402235
  • Published: June 2009


First published in 1965, this classic work by William Demas, former president of the Caribbean Development Bank and committed regional integrationist, was released in a limited edition and has been widely unavailable for decades. Adapted from a four-lecture series presented at McGill University in 1964, The Economics of Development in Small Countries deals with the special problems faced in analysing the economics of small countries and seeks to apply these concepts to West Indian economies. Demas’s thesis is that economic development and the achievement of self-sustained growth cannot be considered in isolation from the size of the country. This edition includes a new introduction by Hilary McD. Beckles, in which he considers the groundbreaking work in the context of forty-five years of regional development and finds Demas’s analysis as relevant and important today as it was in 1964.