Press Release Nothing’s Mat.

Erna Brodber is an award-winning novelist and independent scholar. In her most recent book, Nothing’s Mat, Brodber has woven a fascinating tale of a black British teenager who returns to Jamaica to find her heritage in order to complete a school assignment. The teenager is given the project to write a long paper on the West Indian family instead of sitting an exam.

“This story becomes in effect an illuminating ethnographic study, while always remaining a convincing work of fiction that never becomes an academic treatise or in any respect tendentious. It is carried along by a deft command of style, structure and tone.” – Edward Baugh

Brodber’s writing style is accessible and she engages the reader early in the book with a surprising humour that is compelling and fascinating. This book will appeal to all persons interested in anglophone Caribbean literature, literary scholars, social scientists, historians and the general reading public.