Social Psychological Dynamics

Derek Chadee, Aleksandra Kostic (eds.)

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400pp 7 x 10



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“The diverse set of chapters in this unique volume speaks to the question of whether social psychological theories and principles are universal. The authors take the reader on a fascinating tour, highlighting some of the many domains and places in which social psychology has been applied. Some answers are provided, but equally richly many questions are raised. The approaches taken, notably the comparative approach adopted in several of the chapters, will challenge social psychologists to think about both how they conceptualize social problems and how they do and should research them.”—Miles Hewstone, Professor of Social Psychology, University of Oxford The work contains seventeen articles reflecting scholarship in traditional and emerging areas of social psychology. Major topics addressed include the subjective evaluation of emotions; the psychology of values; self-definition; priming and racial stereotyping; selfrepresentation; self-harming; negative communications; visual communication and emotion recognition; comparative studies of values; duration of romantic relationships; interpersonal attraction; social psychological antecedents of burnout; social integration and language effects on bilinguals.

“This volume offers a truly panoramic picture of how scientific social psychology can address timely social issues. The editors recruited outstanding scientists spanning eleven nations to produce a collection that is as impressive in its remarkable diversity of nations as well as topics and methods. An ideal reader for a course in methods or social psychology.”—Harold Takooshian, Past President, APA division of International Psychology. 

Contributors: Derek Chadee; Aleksandra Kosti; Philip G. Zimbardo; Jeremy Dale Alexander; Hanna Bednarek; John W. Berry; Tim Bono; John R. Bruni; Nathalie Cartierre; Cecilia Cheng; Valery I. Chirkov; Woo-young Chun; Nathalie Coulon; Gérald Delelis; René Demerval; Eve-Anne M. Doohan; Melanie A. Evans; Enrique Gracia; Esther R. Greenglass; Jan Havlicek; Juan Herrero; Caroline F. Keating; Randy Larsen; Nadezhda Lebedeva; Marisol Lila; Petr Macek; Valerie Manusov; Magdalena Marszał-Wis´niewska; Inna Molodtsova; Janek Musek; Jean-Louis Nandrino; Jasmina Nedeljkovi; Prarthana Pant; Anthony R. Paquin; Jaipaul L. Roopnarine; Anna Rubesova; Anne-Kathrin Sandow; Sylwia St“pniak-Kiełczewska; Alexander Tatarko; Yee-lam Wan; Wai-ying Yip

Derek Chadee is Senior Lecturer and Director, ANSA McAL Psychological Research Centre, University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago.

Aleksandra Kosti is Associate Professor of Social Psychology, University of Niš,Yugoslavia