Education Issues in Creole and Creole-Influenced Vernacular Contexts

Ian Robertson, Hazel Simmons-McDonald (eds.)

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“Professor Dennis Roy Craig was, without a doubt, an outstanding Caribbean educator. Born and raised in a working-class environment in his native Guyana (British Guiana), he managed, by the end of his life to become an outstanding language educator, education planner and advisor, manager of tertiary-level institutions, and a highly respected Caribbean academic.

Dennis Craig was passionate about the teaching of language and, in particular, English language to what he termed towards the end of his career speakers of creole-influenced vernaculars. . . . Contributors to this volume are among the large numbers of academics and students who came to respect him for the manner in which he wore his considerable talents and achievements with a simplicity and humility that could only be equalled but never bettered.”


CONTRIBUTORS: Jeannette Allsopp, Richard Allsopp, Beverley Bryan, Karen Carpenter, Pauline Christie, Hubert Devonish, Velma Pollard, Angela E. Rickford, John R. Rickford, Peter Roberts, Ian Robertson, Jeff Siegel, Kathryn Shields-Brodber, Hazel Simmons- McDonald, Valerie Youssef

HAZEL SIMMONS-McDONALD is retired Professor of Applied Linguistics, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Principal, University of the West Indies, Open Campus. Her many publications include Exploring the Boundaries of Caribbean Creole Languages (co-edited with Ian Robertson)

IAN ROBERTSON is retired Professor of Linguistics, University of the West Indies, St Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago. His publications include Exploring the Boundaries of Caribbean Creole Languages (co-edited with Hazel Simmons-McDonald)