Caribbean Realities and Endogenous Sustainability

Debbie A. Mohammed and Nikolaos Karagiannis

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The contributors to Caribbean Realities and Endogenous Sustainability discuss alternative theoretical perspectives, sustainable growth-inducing economic policies, and special challenges in this era of neoliberal globalization. These perspectives, policies and challenges have to be seriously considered if appropriate interventions towards changing the Caribbean status quo and eliminating social and political ills are to be pursued. The authors evaluate past efforts and policies, criticize failed perspectives, and offer alternative strategies, policies and realistic options to the region’s current socioeconomic impasse and misery from a distinctly Caribbean viewpoint. The chapters are informed by such important factors as historical legacy, the role of institutions (including market and government), geopolitics and international relations, security, local culture and social psychology, which clearly stand in contrast to the starry-eyed analysis of the current orthodoxy. Overall, the essays not only expand the body of knowledge but, more importantly, provide a rich menu for alternative strategies and policies related to Caribbean international relations and social and governance ills in the twenty-first century.

“This is an ambitious project that addresses the unique needs of the Caribbean in a manner not typically found in the literature.”

Zagros Madjd-Sadjadi, Professor of Economics, Winston-Salem State University

CONTRIBUTORS: Jacqueline A. Braveboy-Wagner, Georgina Chami, Russell Foote, Anthony P. Gonzales, Wendy C. Grenade, Kristina Hinds-Harrison, Nikolaos Karagiannis, Ronald Marshall, Indianna D. Minto-Coy, Debbie A. Mohammed, Annita Montoute, Kamla Mungal, Emilio Pantojas-García, Gour C. Saha, Dave Seerattan, Ron R. Sookram

DEBBIE A. MOHAMMED is Senior Lecturer in International Trade, Institute of International Relations and the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, the University of the West Indies, St Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago. Her publications include (co-edited with Nikolaos Karagiannis) The Modern Caribbean Economy (2 volumes).

NIKOLAOS KARAGIANNIS is Professor of Economics, Winston- Salem State University, North Carolina. He is co-editor of the journal American Review of Political Economy and his publications include The US Economy and Neoliberalism: Alternative Strategies and Policies; Europe in Crisis: Problems, Challenges, and Alternative Perspectives; and (co-edited with Debbie A. Mohamed) The Modern Caribbean Economy (2 volumes).